Adventures in the transition from C to Cocoa.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Xcode Examples Coming Soon

Normally I work in command-line land because it's far more familiar to me, and easier to control. There's also naturally less code overhead, so you can focus on what's actually going on without all the extra fluff. That said, any useful application will need a useful user-interface to actually help someone accomplish work.

Xcode is Apple's IDE of choice for developing Cocoa applications. To compliment the 7 trillion screen-shot-laden Xcode blogs out there, I'll shortly be adding my own contribution to the mix.

That said, I intend to focus more on documenting how various GUI-related problems are solved using existing tools. It takes a considerable amount of work to make a well-polished user interface (probably another reason why I avoid GUI-land :), so I'll try to reveal as much polish as I can uncover.

Tomorrow, we'll begin our GUI adventures. Don't worry though, we'll still fall back to command-line for a while at least, to illustrate basic concepts and methods.

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