Adventures in the transition from C to Cocoa.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second Nature

I've been writing Cocoa plugins for Quartz Composer (see for more details) pretty consistently for the past month or so.

Such continual writing, especially in an already-existing application, has taught me many things, very quickly. It's quite fun; I now wish that I had had the opportunity (or probably just the motivation) to work in such an environment when I was learning C or C++ or even Basic. Immersion is such a powerful learning tool. Not to downplay the importance of theory though; without the theory I've learned from my first languages I would probably be dead in the water in Cocoa.

I'm no expert yet, nor will I be for quite a while (especially with Leopard coming so soon, with its new Xcode and tools), but I am way more comfortable with development, and, perhaps more importantly, with debugging.

So, what direction is there now for this blog? Anyone with determination can push themselves through the differences in Objective-C. I can't offer much more than anecdotal evidence for that.

Perhaps I should just make lots of demos to show how to do various things? Since I have zero readers, I guess this decision is ultimately up to me...

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I read, but I may not understand!

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