Adventures in the transition from C to Cocoa.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've had a few experiences lately that have silently demonstrated how much I've taken to Objective-C.

First, I've started to forget even more about the basic POSIX function parameters. I used to resort to reading man pages all the time, just to make sure I got the parameters right, but there were a few functions that I had down. Now I've forgotten those few that I had down, causing all kinds of silly little bugs.

I've also discovered, as I'm integrating some C++ code into a project, that I really hate Operator Overloading. I used to think this was the hottest feature ever, and I'm sure it still has some uses somewhere. But over all, it's just irritating to deal with. Is this variable a char *, a String, or some fancy derivative thereof? Now I have to jump to the definition, to find that it's some other class entirely. But it behaves like a basic C string, with some additional features.

I guess I'm growing old, and getting set in my ways...

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